Privacy Policy

GCertificationBooks are continually serving best to those who eagerly want to know how to make the use of personally identifiable information effectively. PII is important information that can easily find out a person and identity of any individual. In order to know more about us, then you should read our privacy policy carefully. After that, you will get a proper understanding of how we are collecting and protecting the personal identifiable information properly. The privacy policy of the GCertificationBooks is totally complaint of GDPR. Our company has already adopted genuine practices.

  1. What kind of details do we are collecting from the visitors to our website?
    Whenever a person creates an account on our website, we always ask important details like contact number, email address, name, and other important information.
  2. When are we gathering the details?
    In case any person wants to place an order, then we ask for the information.
  3. How is our team using the details?
    Our company is collecting the details of users in the following important methods:
    • To enhance the overall website user experience. Our company wants to serve you better.
    • Enable us to give a response to customers at a perfect time.
    • To process the transactions on time.
  4. How do our team keep the personal details of users secure?
    We are performing a regular scan of our website. Our team is fixing the loop holes in the website effectively. Our team is creating a safe and secure website. Moreover, we are performing malware scanning on a regular basis. We have limited persons in the team who can make access to important information from the system anytime and anywhere. Our website is already incorporated with Secure Socket Layer (SSL certificate) that always keeps the website secure and safe. We have a genuine gateway service provider, so we aren't storing important transactions or card details on our servers.
  5. Do we are using cookies or not?
    Our company isn't making the use of the cookies. If you have any doubts, then you should turn off the cookies from the browser settings. In case you turn off the cookies, then you will not be able to make the use of important functions on the website.
  6. Important information
    We aren't trading and selling the personal information of the users to a third party website. Moreover, we aren’t giving any offer to third-party sites.
  7. Google
    Nothing is important than Google's advertisement because it is improving the overall user experience. Our company is making the use of Google AdSense advertising on our official website. In case you are frustrated with advertisements, then you can opt-out from the Dart cookie anytime and anywhere.  Our company has already implemented the following important things on the website-
    • Google AdSense for the advertisement purpose
    • Reports of Google Display Network
    To get rids of advertisements, then you should visit the advertisement setting page.  After that, you can opt out of the ads.
  8. Important Act
    CalOPPA is one of the most popular and first state in America that is asking about privacy policies from online commercial websites. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every website owner to collect the personally identifiable information properly. However, in case the user doesn't want to share their private information on the website, then he/she can surf our website anonymously. Therefore, we can change privacy policies anytime. You will get a notification on Email when we change our privacy policies.
  9. Protection Act to children’s
    Our company is collecting personal information from the kids who are 13 years older, according to the Privacy Protection Act.
  10. Data breach
    In case of data breach occurs on our website, then we will notify you within 7 days via email.
  11. Spam Act
    Our company is collecting the email address from users for following reasons like-
    • To send vital details and respond to important inquiries
    • Delivering important information regarding their orders
    • Information related to the data breaching of website